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Rustic pod
Gradient Backdrop





The Rustic Pod is another of our amazing hand made booths.

The printer and computer set up are all neatly hidden in the apple crates adding to its beauty. Your prints even pop out from the apple crate to a sack cloth catcher.

We also designed all the rustic screens in the program to make it unique.

It can work as a compact stand-alone product or we can do a full set up with the grass, fencing ,lights and backdrops. We can make the set ups seasonal or adaptable to your brand or event.

The unit is touch screen with a live view so people can see themselves on the screen.



  • Unique design with beautiful rustic set up

  • Live view full touch screen 

  • Signature feature

  • Professional fun and friendly staff 

  • 3 hour event time including unlimited photo prints 

  • Beautiful rustic screens 

  • Fantastic range of quality props 

  • Create lasting memories of a fun filled evening that your guests can all participate in 

  • Unlike a space restricted photo booth our eye catching rustic pod means that more guests can enjoy the experience with up to 10 people in each shot 

  • Personalised graphic designed photo templates and a huge choice of co-ordinating backdrops 

  • Free guestbook

  • Facebook uploads or digital dropbox of all your photos on request

Gradient Backdrop


  • Beautiful design that suits everything from award dinners to red carpet gala events 


  • Adaptable set up , stand alone or seasonal /branded set up.

  • Signature feature – sign on screen, add a comment and it will appear on the final picture. 

  • Touch screen design – our graphics team can use their expertise to create a stunning touch screen that will instantly deliver brand awareness at your event.

  • Printing in under seven seconds with custom brand designed photo templates for each event. 

  • High quality hand props 

  • Professional fun and friendly staff 

  • Unlimited photo prints 

  • Choice of over 30 high quality backdrops 


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